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Research in our lab is generously supported by the Department of Pharmacology and by the NIH High-Risk, High-Reward Research Program.

Thank you to the lab’s funding sources:

2021- Autism Research Institute grant to Cheryl Brandenburg.

2021- MPower Brain Health and Human Performance seed grant. Collaborative team headed by Joshua Singer.

2019- NIH Director’s New Innovator Award. NIH grant DP2 MH122398

2018- ACCEL-Med Dean’s Challenge Award, University of Maryland School of Medicine. Collaborative team headed by Seth Ament.

We collaboratively support research of our colleagues:

2020- Tom Blanpied. NIH grant R01 MH080046

2018- Saima Riazuddin. NIH grant R01 NS107428

Lab investigators are supported by training grants:

2020- Cheryl Brandenburg, NIH Cancer Biology training grant T32 CA154274

2019- Jeffrey Inen, Uriel Jean-Baptiste, and Saovleak Khim, STAR-PREP Program with NIH grant R25 GM 113262

2017- Ryan Richardson, NIH Cancer Biology training grant T32 CA154274