Graduate Program

Graduate Program in Life Sciences

Graduate Teaching

  • GPLS 601 Mechanics in Biomedical Sciences AKA The Core Course:
    • “Intra-golgi Trafficking Mechanisms” (Poulopoulos)
    • “Vesicle Trafficking Mechanisms & Exocytosis” (Poulopoulos)
  • GPLS 620 Cellular Basis of Synaptic Physiology and Pharmacology
    • “Synapse Development” (Poulopoulos)
    • “Circuit Development” (Poulopoulos)
  • GPILS 641 Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience :
    • “Topographic Encoding of Sensory Information” (Poulopoulos)
  • Neuroscience Methods Course:
    • “Cloning methods workshop” (Richardson)
    • in utero electroporation” (Romanowski)

Lab rotations

Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Graduate Program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Graduate Program in Molecular Medicine

Medical Education
  • MSPR 523 Foundations of Disease
    • Pharmacodynamics I: Drug-Receptor Interactions
    • Pharmacodynamics II: Mechanisms of Drug Action
    • Pharmacokinetics I: Drug Delivery & Metabolism
    • Pharmacokinetics II: Drug Elimination & Dosing