Bekir Altas

Bekir Altas, PhD


Contact: baltas{at}

Lab space: HSF3 rooms 9130, 9168

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Congrats to Ryan and co. for “Cas9 fusions for precision in vivo editing” out on the bioRxiv!

The lab’s first pub is a nifty piece of synth bio for genome editing the brain. Richardson et al. describe a platform to test and develop new high-precision genome editing reagents. Some of our new CRISPR fusions, like eRad18-Cas9-CtIP with linear donors, showed up to 45-times higher accuracy at point-mutation editing compared to vanilla CRISPR. Another step toward direct in vivo knockin and in situ gene therapy approaches!

The Lab goes to Chicago…

(photo by T. Soykan)

The lab has fun recreating Raphael’s “The School of Athens” in Chicago, while presenting at the 2019 meeting of the Society for Neuroscience!

Ryan, Marilyn, and Jeffrey unveiled their new approach to high efficiency in vivo genome engineering with in situ CRISPR:!/7883/presentation/65807

Bek, Andrea, Noury, and Uriel debuted their findings on how a mutation in a family with intellectual disability affects the dynactin complex and cortical circuit wiring:!/7883/presentation/66733

Alex presented new findings on how phosphorylation of Neuroligin adhesion molecules determines synapse specificities:!/7883/presentation/58703

And how reciprocal adhesion gradient matching guides the development of cortical circuitry:!/7883/presentation/63936

… and Garrett stashed us some sweet top-shelf probes…

Moving Day

Moving day is here! Time for the Poulopoulos Lab to get a new home across the street in Health Sciences Facility III.

Equipment needs bubble wrap, heavy things need lifting, scopes come apart and back together again. And in the midst of this madness, our science doesn’t miss a beat! The heroic investigators of the lab continued cloning and perfusing in between filling crates and hauling off incubators. Everyone working hard… except the guy behind the camera, that is.


Goodbye old lab… hello vista from the 9th floor of the new and improved PouLab!!!

New postdoc: Welcome to the USA, Bek!

Dr. Bekir Altas, new postdoc in the lab, as he gets his first taste of the good ol’ USA…!