Cheryl Brandenburg

Cheryl Brandenburg, PhD

Postdoc, T32 fellow

Contact: cherylbrandenburg{at}

Lab space: HSF3 room 9130

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Cheryl Brandenburg receives Autism Research Institute grant!

PouLab postdoc Cheryl Brandenburg was awarded a 2021 Autism Research Institute (ARI) grant for her work on “Cerebellar Circuits in 3D: Screening autism-associated genes in cleared brains with in utero CRISPR genome editing“. Congratulations Cheryl!!! Here is just a snippet of the mind-bending 3D cerebellar circuits from Cheryl’s in vivo edited Purkinje cells…!

Lab gets a new postdoc, welcome Dr. Cheryl Brandenburg!

Cheryl Brandenburg comes to us from the Hussman Institute,  and brings with her a PhD in Neuroscience, a knack for cerebellar circuits, and a passion for autism research! We’re excited to see where she takes her science next…!