Garrett Bunce


Garrett Bunce (he/his)

PhD student, Program in Neuroscience

Contact: gbunce{at}

Lab space: In vivo electrophysiology, HSF3 room 9161


Posts with Garrett:

Garrett’s Sidewalk Brain Q&A

We’ve all had extra time to think about stuff we might otherwise not. Garrett’s neighborhood seems to be thinking a lot about brains! Now his neighbors get a shot at some answers…!

The Lab goes to Chicago…

(photo by T. Soykan)

The lab has fun recreating Raphael’s “The School of Athens” in Chicago, while presenting at the 2019 meeting of the Society for Neuroscience!

Ryan, Marilyn, and Jeffrey unveiled their new approach to high efficiency in vivo genome engineering with in situ CRISPR:!/7883/presentation/65807

Bek, Andrea, Noury, and Uriel debuted their findings on how a mutation in a family with intellectual disability affects the dynactin complex and cortical circuit wiring:!/7883/presentation/66733

Alex presented new findings on how phosphorylation of Neuroligin adhesion molecules determines synapse specificities:!/7883/presentation/58703

And how reciprocal adhesion gradient matching guides the development of cortical circuitry:!/7883/presentation/63936

… and Garrett stashed us some sweet top-shelf probes…

First day in lab for new PhD student from PiN!

Garrett Bunce from the Program in Neuroscience joins the lab. Garrett will apply his training in Systems and Computational Neuroscience to develop recording strategies for listening in on in situ genome engineered rat brains… Welcome Garrett!


The lab does Baltimore Brain Awareness Week

Andrea and Garrett spreading the love for neuroscience at Windsor Hills Elementary and Middle School!

Learn more at UMB NOVA (Neuroscience Outreach and Volunteer Association)

New lab rotation students get the window chalk talk

Do we use the windows as white boards? We sure do.

Today is the first day for Ben Grosso (Program in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology) and Garrett Bunce (Program in Neuroscience) in the lab, kicking off the first round of 2019 lab rotations for GPILS students. Andrea and Marilyn introduce the new lab members to the lab’s science…