Lab welcomes three new STARs!!!

We are very excited to welcome the newest PouLab members, three talented postbac scholars from UMB’s prestigious STAR-PREP program will become the lab’s youngest investigators! Jefferey Inen, mouse geneticist & cancer biologist extraordinaire from UMBC, will work with Ryan Richardson; Saovleak “Noury” Khim, all-round development-to-regenerative neuroscientist from Temple, and Uriel Jean-Baptiste, hardcore structure-function biochemist from Florida State, will work with Bek Altas. Welcome to your new lab, enjoy your research, and get lots of great data!

Moving Day

Moving day is here! Time for the Poulopoulos Lab to get a new home across the street in Health Sciences Facility III.

Equipment needs bubble wrap, heavy things need lifting, scopes come apart and back together again. And in the midst of this madness, our science doesn’t miss a beat! The heroic investigators of the lab continued cloning and perfusing in between filling crates and hauling off incubators. Everyone working hard… except the guy behind the camera, that is.


Goodbye old lab… hello vista from the 9th floor of the new and improved PouLab!!!